Yang and Yin Basics Blend:

A good place to begin or a great class to attend to go back to basics. Conscious Breathing meditations; Ujjayi breath and other pranayama; warm-ups; Yang yoga postures (asanas) to create strength and a little heat in the body and Yin postures with long holds to create true flexibility; with detailed instructions; savasana and other relaxation techniques. The general theme of Yoga Ink classes is to open the heart and find the light inside of you. And then you take the light and create fluid motion seemingly without effort.

Yang and Yin Blend:

Great for practitioners of other styles and also people who have attended Basics classes and want a little more physical challenge. Most classes begin with Sun Salutations. The classes continue the idea of opening the heart center and using this lightness in the asana. Asanas are generally more difficult than in Basics but new awareness directed toward the most Basic of asana will amaze the body. Questions about asana are encouraged. Astanga practitioners find this class a good complement to Astanga as asanas can be explored slowly and with detail. Yang and Yin presentation includes flowing postures and holding postures. Also, Conscious Breathing and relaxation (savasana).

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan:

A Kundalini Yoga class as taught by Yogi Bhajan includes mantras, mudras, chanting, physical postures, meditation and relaxation with THE GONG! Come and experience this inspiring and life balancing style. Kundalini Yoga is considered the most comprehensive of yoga traditions, combining jappa (repeating a mantra) meditation, core inspired physical exercises, and long deep slow breathing and Breath of Fire among other breath techniques, eye focus and wonderful relaxations with and without the vibrations of the gong. Kundalini Yoga elevates the spirit, increases energy and helps the practitioner feel GOOD! Kundalini Yoga works the entire nervous and glandular system and awakens the full potential of human awareness in each individual. It helps clear inner conflict, creates the power to deeply listen, cultivates inner stillness, and helps to have prosperity and deliver excellence in all that we do.

Astanga Primary series:

The complete Primary Series (sometimes Intermediate or Second Series is led instead) – 80 minutes of flowing postures beginning with Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutes) A and B, and ending in Savasana or relaxation. Astanga Yoga is fueled by Ujjayi breath and the core. Exhilarating! Detoxifying! Hot & Sweaty! Some yoga experience, an open mind, and patience with yourself is needed. In the summer we break down the postures and this the whole flow is not experienced - come with questions and bust through practice plateaus!
Posted on 24 Mar 2016 by yogaink
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Ruth’s trip to India (her first)
included a five day conference on the sister sciences of Ayurveda Medicine and Yoga. This was followed by a tour of three cities led by Kundalini Yoga teacher Shakta Kaur. 4 am meditations in temples, shrines, and riverbanks; the Taj Mahal; the Golden Temple; and the holy river Ganges were highlights. click here for more details and photos!: