Workshops and Events

Feb. 2 – “Breath: Life’s Secret Ingredient” 6:30 – 8:30 pm

We breathe, our heart beats….and we live. BUT Conscious Breathing strengthens the heart, improves the immune system, improves EVERY aspect of your physical and emotional life, the list goes on! Practice several basic and some more complex breathing techniques. All can easily be used whenever you feel the need and wherever you are. $20

Feb. 3 – “Seeking Better Balance” 9am-12

The title might bring to mind standing on one leg with the other one behind your head BUT living a life of balance in this topsy-turvy world takes more than a strong leg and heart. Learn the five steps to better balance on the yoga mat and how they help you find solace and ease in day to day life. $25

Feb. 16 – “Good Vibrations” 6:30-8:30 pm

Naad means “the essence of all sound.” It is the universal code behind language and therefore behind all human communication. It is a particular vibration, a fundamental frequency that comes from one common source or sound current.  Naad is the glue or medium that connects us to us…our self to the Self. Kundalini Yoga uses the Naad or sound vibration through chants and the gong as a technique to relax, energize, and heal what ails our soul. $20

Feb. 17 -“Lunar Woman”        9am – 4pm

In this day-long workshop, the moon-like essence of women is explored. Participants learn about the 11 moon centres that help clarify women’s nature. Acceptance of our true nature helps us tune in to our environment and its universal energies. And it allows us to walk and live in a world often dominated by men. These might be men we love, the boys we bear, or our friends. Living in tolerance is living in tension. We need to expand our hearts, our gut knowledge and live with joy. Using humour, self-knowledge, connectedness, and putting stereotypes aside, we enjoy ourselves and the differences between the sexes. Open to men and women.  Inc. lunch $50

Each workshop contains a Kundalini Yoga Kriya as a warm up to the evening’s theme and ends with spice tea.

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All held at Health Within Holistic Centre, 500 B Queen Street, Charlottetown, PEI

All workshops led by Ruth Richman/Atmabir Kaur

Prices include HST