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Doug Keller Returns to PEI in April!

“The Therapeutic Wisdom of Yoga: Centered in the Sacrum”

Friday, April 27 and Saturday April,  28

Trinity United Church, Charlottetown

$240 early bird until March 31  $270 after that  (includes hst)

pre-register         Ruth  902-969-3102

“Yoga practice is not an end in itself, or even simply a means of ‘transcendence.’ It is a tool for being in our bodies and being with ourselves. In a simple way, yoga is about our relationship to our body and mind; this workshop will be about enhancing that relationship in can-do ways. Yoga concerns our relationship to the Self from whom we came. It is deeply personal, experiential, and ultimately unmediated by any system of conceptual thought. The teachings of yoga simply provide us with the introduction to our own Self.

This will be an all-levels workshop on deepening these inner relationships, which will be informative and enlightening, encouraging and inspiring to yoga teachers and students of all levels and styles of practice!” DK


Friday Afternoon 1:30 – 4:30 PM: “Sacral Rhythm and Low Back Health”

At the center of all movement lies the sacrum, the keystone of the pelvis, which regulates the curve of the spine as well as the ‘openness’ and flexibility of the hips. Much of yoga has focused on the suggested actions of the tailbone — even in describing ‘Mula Bandha’ — but has given little attention to the natural actions of the sacrum. This leaves the ‘tail’ wagging the ‘dog.’

This session will go deeply into the details of understanding Sacroiliac, Pelvic and Low Back Pain, in terms of sacral stability and the rhythms of its movement in the sacroiliac joint. At the same time, the practical emphasis will be on some simple actions to be incorporated into asana practice that will strengthen the muscles supporting the actions of the sacrum, increasing the stability of the sacroiliac joint as well as the health of the low back and flexibility of the hips. Attention will be given to the causes of sacroiliac and low back pain in a way that will be useful to teachers and enlightening to students!

The session will be both information-rich and practice-oriented, and the key ideas will be carried through the practices of the weekend.

Friday Evening 6:30 – 8:30 PM:
“Pranayama and the Role of Deep Relaxation/Yoga Nidra in Yoga”
This session will begin with some insight into the history of pranayama practice, and how it has developed along with the understanding of the practice of meditation. This will soon lead into some practices that involve forms of visualization that were traditionally part of a focused pranayama practice, adding a meditative dimension that has often been lost as pranayama became more engrossed with physical technique.

This will lead us directly into understanding the close connection with both the ‘Laya’ Yoga of Yoga Nidra, and the experientially oriented breath practices associated with the emerging idea of the Kundalini.

The session will be informative and enlightening without being overly ‘scholarly,’ and will be rich with breath, meditation and relaxation practices.

Saturday Morning 9 AM – 12 noon:
“Breath and Asana with a Twist: The Chest is Part of the ‘Core’”                                                                                           Most asanas involve an element of a twist, and for good reason: this is part of working the ‘Core’ in a way that frees the neck and shoulders, and connects to the lower body and sacrum, enhancing freedom in movement.

The breath is part of this, and is key to the connection between upper and lower body via the ribs. Sacral rhythm — as covered on Friday — depends upon this, and neck and shoulder health are intimately tied to our breathing patterns as well.

Asana practice is an opportunity to explore vital ‘Core’ actions in twisting, as well as to use the arm and neck actions in the poses to deepen our experience of the breath. The ‘Ujjayi’ breath is at the center of healthy diaphragmatic breathing in the poses, but the actions of the neck and shoulders are crucial to doing it well.

This theme will be linked to the ideas from the Friday, and will be a practice-oriented session!

Saturday Afternoon 1:30 – 4:30:
“Getting ‘Unstuck’: How to Work With (& Through) Blocks in Your Practice”                                                                     This asana practice will focus on typical blocks we encounter in practice — ‘stuckness’ from hamstring and hip tightness, as well as shoulder tightness and limitations — and alternative approaches to ‘getting into the pose.’ This is not simply a ‘cheat,’ but rather each approach will have a clear purpose for better range of motion and health in the joints, increasing both strength and flexibility and maximizing the benefit of the pose.

Asana is a tool for being in our bodies — rather than being an end in itself. This session will be a practice of that understanding, with lots of news you can use!

Doug Keller Bio:
Doug Keller came to teach hatha yoga by way of the yoga of meditation and years of academic study of philosophy, both eastern and western. He travelled to India in 1986 to practice yoga at Swami Muktananda’s ashram. He spent a total of 7 years in the Ganeshpuri ashram, Gurudev Siddha Peeth, and 14 years of service overall in Siddha Yoga ashrams in the US and abroad, studying and practicing yoga, working in the kitchen and gardens, and teaching hatha yoga.

Yoga Teacher Kevin Gardiner was greatly influential to Doug’s growth. Gardiner, a certified senior level Iyengar teacher, attracted Doug with his deep insight into anatomy and physiology, his facility with precise instruction and demonstration, and the integrity with which he stayed true to his chosen tradition.

In addition to teaching the postural practice of hatha yoga, pranayama, and meditation, Doug has chosen as his focus the realm of Yoga as Therapy, which is an evolving field that promises to be a vital part of the future of yoga. Doug travels nationally and internationally offering workshops and teacher trainings. His home base is at the Health Advantage Yoga Center in Herndon, Virginia, near Dulles outside of Washington D.C.

Prices for Individual sessions:

  1. April 27: Friday Afternoon – 1:30 – 4:30 PM: $80 early bird ($85 April 1) “Sacral Rhythm and Low Back Health”
  2. April 27: Friday Eve – 6:00 – 8:30 PM: $75 early bird ($80 April 1) “Pranayama and the Role of Deep Relaxation/Yoga Nidra in Yoga”
  3. April 28: Saturday – 9:00 AM–12:00 noon: $80 early bird ($85 April 1) “Breath and Asana with a Twist: The Chest is Part of the ‘Core’”
  4. April 28: Saturday – 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM: $80 early bird ($85 April 1)  “Getting ‘Unstuck’: How to Work With (& Through) Blocks in Your Practice” all prices include hst

E-transfers accepted: answer: dougkeller

Cheques made out & mailed to: Ruth Richman, 3339 Launching Road, Cardigan, PE C0A 1G0

Cash accepted in person and at the door no credit or debit cards. The small print: Full refund up to April 1, 2018 25% deducted April 1-April 26 No refunds for no-shows

Yoga Ink – Ruth Richman   902- 969-3102